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The Lemhi County Museum celebrates and honors Lemhi County history, showcasing the artifacts of the multicultural peoples that have settled in the valley since the late 1800s. Located in the rural community of Salmon, Idaho, the birthplace of Sacajawea, the Lemhi County Museum is proud to exhibit and share the rich history of the area. Five historical topics are on permanent exhibit in the primary museum at 210 Main Street and there is a new exhibit at 204 Main:

-Shoshone Artifacts Exhibit:
The largest existing collection of Shoshoni artifacts.

-Mining Artifacts Exhibit:
The 1866 discovery of gold and the resulting community of miners, ranchers, and lumberman.

-Ranching Exhibit:
Aspects of life in the American West.

-Chinese Artifact Exhibit:
Photographs and artifacts from the local Chinese population that arrived with the discovery of gold.

-Ray Edwards Estate Exhibit:
A collection of Chinese, Japanese, and Tibetan relics donated by the Ray Edwards estate as a tribute to his mining and ranching ancestors.

-A River of History: Connecting Past, Present, and Future:

The museum has created a new and evolving exhibit commemorating the history and continuing importance of the region’s rivers.  It is located next door to the primary museum at 204 Main Street and features river-related artifacts and photographic exhibits.  We also host a number of lectures in this venue examining the history and ecosystems of the various regional rivers.  This building will also house new exhibits, traveling exhibits, and the Shirley Walker Lemhi County History Research Center.

The Lemhi County Historical Society and Museum offers historical tours and holds various events throughout the year including commemorations and luncheons.  The museum is also involved in key projects to restore and preserve local historical sites including the Gilmore Mercantile and the soon to be Fred and Thelma Ramey Salmon Grange Museum.

We want to extend a thank you to the many volunteers who help make the Lemhi County Historical Society and Museum a daily success!  We firmly believe that a sense of history and a sense of place help create and support a stronger community.