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THE SHEEP QUEEN By Thomas Savage Paperback - 242 pages $13.95




“Her name was Elizabeth, and she was an American princess as surely as her mother, the invincible Emma Russell Sweringen, was the ‘Sheep Queen of Idaho.’ Old-timers in Idaho, Utah, and Montana still remember the Sheep Queen with love and awe. And Elizabeth? ‘I have only twice in my life seen women as beautiful,’ her son recalls, ‘and both of them were strangers.’”
The Sheep Queen of Idaho, originally published under the title, I Heard My Sister Speak My Name, “is a magnificent chronicle of five generations of an American ranching dynasty who shared a unity and a heritage which made the family all but impregnable—and of the shy beauty who, by one act, threatened that unity and became a stranger even to herself. It is the story, unforgettable, incredible, but true, of a child who never knew her, but devoted half a lifetime to seeking her secret out.
“. . . Thomas Savage speaks directly to every adopted child among us. He speaks, eloquently, to those who have been raised in the American West and have experienced the joy and loneliness of ranch life. He speaks, with compassion, honesty and hope, to parents fearful of the future or regretful about the past. Indeed, this timeless novel speaks to us all.”